A new contender in the Global Microelectronics Industry

Our founders first met at the Technical University of Denmark, carrying out research in integrated switched-mode power supplies and nanofabrication. Six years and three PhDs later, we are now ready to bring the technology to the market.


Lotus Microsystems offers reliable solutions to original equipment manufacturers.

At Lotus Microsystems, we introduce innovative and energy efficient power supply units to accelerate technological advances in electronic devices.


The World will become a greener place with Lotus converters in every piece of electronics.

Higher efficiency, lower space and weight and eco-friendly alternatives to existing materials work in conjunction with the UN sustainability goals.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team combines a range of complementary skills, competencies and experience. An assessment of the capabilities of the combined team was performed by Danish consulting firm TeamsToWork in October 2020.

Lotus’ organization is expected to grow steadily over time. The primary additions to the team will be concentrated into business development and production engineering, executed as business grows and financing is raised.

Yasser Nour


Yasser Nour received B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering from South Valley University, Egypt in 2007 and 2011 respectively and his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the Danish Technical University (DTU) in 2018. His research and development interests include analog integrated circuits design, integrated power converters, integrated magnetics, and passive components. Yasser was a Staff Engineer with Symmid Corporation, Malaysia, Staff Engineer with Altera's Egypt Technology Center, Research Engineer with Enpirion Inc. in Egypt, and a Research assistant with Aswan Power Electronics Application Research Center in Egypt. Yasser has published more than 19 conference papers, 5 ISI journal papers, in addition to 5 patent applications.

Hoa Thanh Le

Founder & principal engineer

Hoa received a BSc. in Electronics and Telecommunications from the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, Vietnam in 2012, the MSc. degree in Microsystem Engineering from the University College of Southeast Norway in 2014 and a PhD. degree in Micro and Nanofabrication from the Danish Technical University in 2018. He has previously served as a Visiting Researcher at the Tyndall National Institute, Ireland and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, USA. His research interests include micro- and nanofabrication, passive components, and high-frequency magnetics. Hoa has published 11 conference papers, 11 ISI journal papers, in addition to one granted patent and 2 patent applications.

Ahmed Ammar

Founder & principal engineer

Ahmed received his MSc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Nile University in Egypt in 2014 and was awarded the PhD. degree in electrical engineering from the Danish Technical University in 2020. His industry experience includes positions at different companies, including Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR, USA, IMEC, Leuven, Belgium, and Mentor Graphics, Cairo, Egypt. He also served as a Visiting Researcher at the University of Minnesota, USA and University of Oxford, United Kingdom. His publication record includes seven conference papers, three ISI journal articles, and four patent applications.

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