Yasser Nour was invited to talk at PwrSoC 2021, Philadelphia

Oct 1, 2021

CEO and Co-Founder of Lotus Microsystems, Yasser Nour (IEEE Senior Member), recently gave a speech on “Power Interposer Technology – A platform for Power Supply in Package (“PSIP”) and Power Supply on Chip Applications” at PwrSoC Workshop 2021 held in Philadelphia, at the University of Pennsylvania.  

Nour explained how miniaturized power supplies are becoming essential for the development of electronic systems.

“As more functions are packed into a limited space, power supplies are required to become more compact and efficient”,

says Nour.  

In a PSIP structure, discrete inductors and capacitors are co-packaged with the power management integrated circuits on either lead-frame or laminate substrates. This integration method creates new opportunities for rapid prototyping and shorter production cycles as well as simple packaging steps. On the other hand, designing miniaturized PSIP units is extremely challenging. The main limitation of further miniaturization stems from thermal performance. Assembling components next to each other in remarkably close proximity leads to severe thermal stress and can result in device failures.

Nour’s presentation focussed on Lotus Microsystems’ patented Power Interposer Technology, which enables PSIP integration using a silicon-based interposer. This offers superior thermal performance compared to conventional technologies. Moreover, the PIT (Power Interposer Technology) technology eliminates several geometrical limitations that currently restrain the realization of smaller PSIP units.  

About the Power-Supply-on-Chip

The PwrSoc 2021 is leading international forum for the discussion of opportunities and challenges in technology, supply chain and business, intent on advancing the miniaturization and integration of  power conversion and power management solutions. The value of the workshop has been recognized as an event that brings together global academic and industry experts to formally and informally discuss issues to advance and commercialize power-supply-on-chip technologies.