Erik Stangerup, CCO to join the Digital Electronics Committee of Dansk Industri

May 3, 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark

Erik Stangerup has been appointed as a new member of the Digital Electronics Committee of Dansk Industri, the Confederation of Danish Industry. The purpose of the committee is to promote collaboration between the companies in the Electronics value chain as well as suppliers, business partners and clients across different industries and markets. The committee has a specific focus on value creation, competencies, sourcing and improving Danish business potential.

All topics are highly relevant in an increasingly complex ecosystem of research institutions, value creators and semiconductor manufacturing companies across the world – an ecosystem that has recently attracted a fair amount of attention due to the higher-than-supply demand for integrated circuits and electronic components.  

“I really look forward to contribute to the committee’s activities”,

says Erik Stangerup.

“Startup companies like Lotus that operate in an industry which is dominated by very large global players are typically appreciated for their innovation, but may find it challenging to break through the corporate barriers; or even get noticed. Therefore organisations like Dansk Industri can make a significant difference by including, connecting and helping to promote – which goes hand in hand with differentiating Danish industry and innovation as a whole in a global context.”