Welcoming Amir Sheikh as Chairman of the Board in Lotus Microsystems!  

We are pleased to announce that Amir Sheikh has joined Lotus’ board of directors. Amir has more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, where he led global sales, product management, marketing, and R&D/Engineering teams from inception to growth.  

Most of Amir’s experience has been in identifying new markets and creating new streams of revenue with 1st to market breakthrough innovation/technologies. Amir has been working with the World’s leading brands in consumer, mobile handset and automotive to introduce some of the industry’s most innovative/disruptive products (e.g., Codec, Amplifiers, FM/RDS, GPS, Wi-Fi, BT, NFC, Bone Conductor Sensors, etc.).  

Amir has an extensive network in the semiconductor industry and its value chain and currently serves as the CEO of Audiodo AB. Previously he held management positions as Sr. Vice President at Sonion, Head of Global Product Management Connectivity & Broadcast at Philips Electronics/NXP, Head of Global Marketing Connectivity Solutions at ST-Ericsson and Senior Director/Head of Sales and & Product Management of Mainstream Technology at GlobalFoundries. In addition, Amir held several advisory and board positions in start-up companies in the USA and Europe.

More about Amir Sheikh at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amirsheikh1/

About the company:
We make the World’s smallest power converters! Leveraging breakthrough research, technology and IP, Lotus Microsystems is a fab-less semiconductor manufacturer of highly efficient and super compact power management components that enable mobile electronic devices to run longer on a charge, pack more features and are more environment-friendly when recycled than products based on conventional technologies.
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